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Importance of criteria:
Quality of received service / product:
Score on how customers perceive the quality of received services or products from the reviewed company.
Service/product met expectations:
This Score indicates whether the services or products met what was promised and expected.
Timely deliveries:
Rating of whether the result of performed service or the product itself was delivered within the promised time.
Value for money:
The customers' view (score) of the perceived value for money for the services or products received.
Customer support:
Customers' rating of received support on offered services or products.
Range of offered services/products:
Customers' opinion (scores) on the range of offered services / products in comparison with competitors.


Below you will find a few tips to help you write a good review. These suggestions are not mandatory but may be seen as guidelines to good practice:
  •  Start your review with a few words about yourself and your earlier experience of similar websites/services. How long have you been using this kind of website/service? Readers are often looking for reviewers with similar experiences/needs.
  •  Give a clear and accurate description of the review subject and its intended audience. Keep it short.
  •  Use the criteria above to describe your experience with the review subject. Always share both sides of your experience. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the service? You can use comparisons and similarities.
  •  Sum up your experiences and thoughts. Did the review subject meet your expectations (Customer Satisfaction) as a customer/user/reader?

Review Guidelines

Do not use:
  •  offensive or obscene language
  •  words in uppercase letters
  •  criticize other reviewers or reviews

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