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At the first glance it seems an easy task to find best SEO company. Just open Google and search for SEO and there you go. But then you will notice that top SEO companies meaning Search engine optimization firms ranking at the top for keyword SEO are the really expansive once and maybe located far away from where you live. So what are the options? You could search for SEO and your town as keywords. Local Search Engine Optimisation company can be good enough for your needs. But how to check reliability of a SEO company? Many of this can you get you band from Google if not using white hat SEO. That you will be able to do in our review and rating engine that is coming very soon. Stay tuned!

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SEO.NeT offers a range of different Certifica- tions both for SEO users and SEO professionals. Certifications are a part of our ranking system, where users can contribute to the community strength of a listing by participating in a quiz. Certification will also strengthen the ranking of a listing if the owner has verified her or his Search Engine Optimization knowledge with us. This is shown in the main ranking table.

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SEO User Certification29
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Badges with a wide range of functionality for web sites are included in SEO.NeT's ranking system as easy to install plug-ins for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or html code. The functionality offered includes relative traffic measurement (1-10 points) as a part of ranking system, user involvement to let visitors support the website's rankings and much more.

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