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We are excited to announce that SEO.NeT will start to make available new services from 2011-02-05.
From that date we will gradually release new categories by country in our reviews & rankings comparison engine. During this time 15000 websites will be released.

2011-02-05. Companies in Scandinavian countries
2011-02-26. Companies in UK
2011-03-02. Companies in Canada
2011-03-05. Companies in USA - start
2011-03-15. All companies in USA published
2011-03-27. Rest of Europe published
2011-03-30. Companies in India - start
2011-04-08.  All companies in India published
2011-04-25. Rest of the world
2011-04-25 SEO.NeT opens for already registered members
2011-04-26. SEO.NeT opens for new member registrations.
2011-04-27. The Community and SEO Market Place opens for the public.

We hope that the new service will be a great contribution to Internet and the SEO Community.

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About SEO Certifications

SEO.NeT offers a range of different Certifica- tions both for SEO users and SEO professionals. Certifications are a part of our ranking system, where users can contribute to the community strength of a listing by participating in a quiz. Certification will also strengthen the ranking of a listing if the owner has verified her or his Search Engine Optimization knowledge with us. This is shown in the main ranking table.

Latest SEO Certifications

SEO User Certification29
SEO User Certification29
SEO User Certification31
SEO User Certification33
SEO User Certification31
and so on... 


What should be included in SEO.NeT


About Badges








Badges with a wide range of functionality for web sites are included in SEO.NeT's ranking system as easy to install plug-ins for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or html code. The functionality offered includes relative traffic measurement (1-10 points) as a part of ranking system, user involvement to let visitors support the website's rankings and much more.

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