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You have a possibility to sign for our free offer to become Premium Member at Seo.Net for a limited period of time. Here is a short description of what Premium Members gain by signing with SEO Review & Rating Engine.











  • Take ownership of your listings from start! Since anyone can add any SEO services or SEO company to write a review you may be in the situation that your service is listed with us by someone else. If you would like to take control (ownership) of your listing you may be required to sign for premium membership, if the process requires verification. By signing today you are on the safe side by reserving your URLs.
  • One part of our service is that customers and users can leave reviews on Search Engine Optimization services they use. If you would like to give feedback to any review as a owner, premium membership is required.
  • For company listing reviews we require verification that a reviewer is a true customer of the company. Premium customer can require that reviews are validated and removed if proved that reviewer is not a real customer of the company (5 requests per year and membership are included).
  • Notification to you that a review has been submitted for your listing, before it is approved.
  • As a premium member you can certify your SEO knowledge and get that assigned to your listings profile.

These are the main benefits of being a Premium Member.


By registering with our service now you are securing your 6-months free premium membership that will be activated when SEO Review & Rating Engine will open for public.

During registration process you are given possibilities to supply a lot of information but the most of it is only optional. We recommend you to supply as much information as possible about your listings. That will be included in the SEO Review & Rating Engine from start.

Register right away and take advantage of all

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About SEO Certifications

SEO.NeT offers a range of different Certifica- tions both for SEO users and SEO professionals. Certifications are a part of our ranking system, where users can contribute to the community strength of a listing by participating in a quiz. Certification will also strengthen the ranking of a listing if the owner has verified her or his Search Engine Optimization knowledge with us. This is shown in the main ranking table.

Latest SEO Certifications

SEO User Certification29
SEO User Certification29
SEO User Certification31
SEO User Certification33
SEO User Certification31
and so on... 


What should be included in SEO.NeT


About Badges








Badges with a wide range of functionality for web sites are included in SEO.NeT's ranking system as easy to install plug-ins for Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal or html code. The functionality offered includes relative traffic measurement (1-10 points) as a part of ranking system, user involvement to let visitors support the website's rankings and much more.

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