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SEO Expert Certificate

About SEO.NeT’s Search Engine Optimization Certification Program

The Certification Program supplied by SEO.NeT is a part of our industry comparison system. The aim is to verify the level of knowledge and skills of listing owners and SEO Professionals. These certifications should be examined together with Customer Reviews and SEO.NeT Ratings. As a matter of fact certificates alone have never been a good measurement of performance in any industry: they can only confirm that the attendees have passed the exam. We still think this information is valuable to customers, so we offer a SEO Certification Program where attendees can advance over the years through different levels of certification.

There is currently NO organization that is recognized as a CERTIFYING BODY of the Search Engine Optimization Industry. Our certificates should be seen and used as a part of SEO.NeT’s comparison engine, and not as an Industry standard.

Aim of the SEO Expert Certification

The aim of SEO Certification is to verify user knowledge of Search Engine Optimization. The quiz includes both theoretical questions and practical tasks where common SEO tools must be utilized and some calculation completed. The SEO Certification Program is developed to support our comparison service of SEO Industry.

Benefits of a passed exam

  •  High recognition, few have passed
  •  Appreciated by your CUSTOMERS and your office colleagues
  •  If you are a listing owner in our comparison service your listing will be recognized with additional an 0.25 points for verifying your search engine optimization knowledge with us
  •  Ability to print a hard copy of the SEO Expert Certification for your office
  •  Certification badge in your profile at SEO.NeT for Expert recognition
  •  Unique number for your certification that can be verified in our database and is VALID for three years
  •  You may place a badge on your website as long as the certification number is specified below the SEO certification badge and links to the page where your number can be verified on our website.

Requirements to attend

  •  You must have passed the standard SEO Certification quiz
  •  You must have premium member status
  •  You must wait 30 days after a failed test to try again

Certification Requirements

  •  Completion of the 50 questions with at least 75% (38 points) correct answers
  •  150 minutes to finish all questions

Level of severity: very difficult

Short time allowance (3 min/question), very difficult questions and 75% correct answers on non-standardized SEO knowledge makes the quiz very difficult to pass.

Recommended Preparation

  •  Have your SEO tools ready, including a simple calculator for analyses and passwords to services

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